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Bulk SMS Services


Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) services refer to the ability to send a large number of text messages to a group of recipients simultaneously. This service is commonly used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to communicate important information, promotions, updates, or alerts to a wide audience quickly and efficiently.

Bulk SMS services allow users to send messages to a large number of recipients at once. This is particularly useful for businesses and organizations looking to reach out to their customer base or members.

Ziva Sms Can Help Your Business

How Can You Use Bulk SMS Messaging to Engage with Customers?

With our forward thinking, flexible range of Sms services and a dedicated customer service support, we’ve provided a platform that lets businesses reach their full potential for over 5 years.

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Use sms marketing software to reach out to all your customers with personalized messaging based on your marketing requirements.

OTP Verification

Timely OTP verification SMS that helps improve the security of your business.

Appointment Reminder

Remind your customers about their appointments with automated business SMSes.

Billing & Payment

Send your customers timely and helpful payment reminders.

Survey & Feedback

Business SMS is the most non-intrusive way for you to collect feedback from your customers after every interaction.

Status updates

Keep your customers updated about the status of their order, payments, deliveries, etc. via business SMS.

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ZIVA SMS a world leader in SMS Solutions, we are expertise team of technocrates that brings you the best numbers available in the industry by interconnecting with best operators in the world.  Revenue business to a global scale.

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