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Micro Billing Services


Micro Billing Services

With the help of ZIVA SMS Billing System connecting with your customers and managing them is very easy and affordable. We are specialized in offering global SMS Solutions such as Premium SMS, Direct Carrier Billing, Pay per Minute, Pay per call and International Standard SMS to cover any of your alternative billing solution needs.

At a time where most of the content globally is consumed on a mobile device it is more important than ever to provide quick, simple, secure and innovative payment methods. Our solutions enable our clients to reach 100% of their consumers and provide payment methods in previously untapped markets, especially in territories where credit and debit card penetration still remains low and with that the need for an alternative payment method is high.

Our SMS Billing System is very easy and user friendly. Solution and Data security are our priority, our solution offer very high level of Data Security. No credit card details or personal information beyond the consumers phone number are needed. Consumers do not have to fill in any lengthy registration forms, they only need their mobile phone to pay.

We constantly strive to bring our clients the latest, most innovative billing methods to help them build new and stable revenue streams in emerging markets.

Our dedicated support team will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the whole setup process to ensure that you have the best possible solution and the smoothest setup.

Ziva Sms Can Help Your Business

Our Billing System Features And Modules

With our forward thinking, flexible range of Sms services and a dedicated customer service support, we’ve provided a platform that lets businesses reach their full potential for over 5 years.

Pay Per Minute

Pay per Minute is likely one of the most common payment methods that you will come across.

Pay Per Call

Pay per Call works by charging the consumer a fixed price per call.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is the faster and easier way for consumers to make payment for the services and products through their mobile phones.

Carrier Billing

Our carrier billing solutions are mobile phone services that allow users to purchase digital content and charge it to their mobile bills.

International Standard SMS

International SMS payments are the most suitable solutions for one time transactions that can grant customers to get access to mobile content.

Bank Payments

Bank payments which enables our clients to provide the bank payment solutions to their customers and start converting their customers in the world.

About Us

ZIVA SMS a world leader in SMS Solutions, we are expertise team of technocrates that brings you the best numbers available in the industry by interconnecting with best operators in the world.  Revenue business to a global scale.

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