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Wholesale SMS Services


Wholesale SMS Services

As SMS messages have a read rate of more than 95% – with most messages opened within 3 minutes of receiving them – they can be the most effective method to notify your customers.

We provide wholesale SMS to businesses who want to further redistribute these numbers to their clients. We have capability to process millions of messages and we have very good and latest infrastructure as well as tie ups with tier-1 operators to serve you always better.

Who uses Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging is used by any business that needs to send messages to their customers instantly. Not only is it faster, it has the highest probability of the message being read than any other communication channel.

Bargain prices and excellent SMS gateway services ensure that Wholesale SMS is suited to the needs of most businesses. Our customers range from gyms and clubs for membership notifications, to retail outlets to promote sales, and any appointment-based services to issue reminders.

About Us

ZIVA SMS a world leader in SMS Solutions, we are expertise team of technocrates that brings you the best numbers available in the industry by interconnecting with best operators in the world.  Revenue business to a global scale.

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